The Ottawa Group on Price Indices

The Ottawa Group on Price Indices is a city group established by the United Nations Statistical Commission in 1994. It provides an international forum for experts in national statistical offices, international organizations and research institutions to discuss conceptual, methodological and practical issues related to price indices.

The Group is concerned mainly with the consumer price index (CPI) but also discusses other price indices and issues that are relevant to price statistics in general. The objective of the Group is to support the development and implementation of sound methods and best practices in national statistical offices for the compilation of price indices. Without avoiding theoretical aspects, the focus of the Group is on applied research and the development of best practices.

Papers and presentations from past Ottawa Group meetings are available under Meetings. Under Papers, you can search for papers and presentations by author and title keywords.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Ottawa Group is scheduled to take place in Poland in May 2026. It will be hosted by Statistics Poland.