About us
Activities and outputs

The Ottawa Group meets every second year. The meetings are attended by price index experts from national statistical offices, international organisations and research institutions. The most visible output of the Ottawa Group are the papers presented and discussed at the meetings.

Mandate of the Ottawa Group

The Ottawa Group carries out its activities within the Terms of Reference of the Ottawa Group adopted by the United Nations Statistical Commission. The Steering Committee of the Ottawa Group reports on the work of the Group to the Statistical Commission every second year.

The Steering Committee of the Ottawa Group

The Steering Committee of the Ottawa Group ensures the continuity and progress of the Group’s activities. The Committee identifies challenges and emerging issues in price statistics and assists in the preparation of the meetings of the Ottawa Group. The Committee ensures coordination with other international groups on price statistics, such as the Intersecretariat Working Group on Price Statistics and the UNECE Expert Group on Consumer Price Indices.

The Steering Committee consists of the following members, as of October 2023: